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NCMA Small Business Roundtable (SBRT)

Purpose and Duties

  1. The Small Business Roundtable (SBRT), as a committee under the RI Chapter of the National Contracts Management Association (NCMA), will work in collaboration with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport (NUWCDIVNPT) Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) in support of NUWCDIVNPT programs, policies, plans, and other matters pertinent to NUWCDIVNPT’s responsibilities and commitment to Small Businesses. The Small Business Roundtable (SBRT) will be a conduit for addressing and bringing forward issues and concerns impacting the Small Business community supporting naval activities in the Newport, RI area. Its membership seeks to foster and develop qualified Small Businesses that can continue to successfully support NUWCDIVNPT and its unique mission. This will be accomplished by addressing the challenges associated with the current business environment in order to successfully leverage the opportunities available through the NUWCDIVNPT Contracts process. All functions of the Small Business Roundtable will operate under the guidelines set forth under FAR 3.101 Standards of Conduct and FAR 3.104 Procurement Integrity.


  2. The Small Business Roundtable will draw on the expertise of its members, the Government and industry experts to address small business concerns and to provide training and advice as it seeks to strengthen and expand the contracting base supporting NUWCDIVNPT. To accomplish this, a Steering Committee made up of representatives from Small Business and Large Business will be selected from within its membership with participation and support from the OSBP. This Steering Committee will develop subcommittees, panels, and task forces as required to research and report out on activities, plans, and policies impacting Small Businesses. If findings are appropriate and adopted, a report of findings and recommendations will be forwarded to the appropriate NUWCDIVNPT/NUWC leadership.


  3. Notwithstanding anything in this charter, the Small Business Roundtable and Steering Committee shall function solely as an advisory board.


  4. The SBRT will coordinate and collaborate with the other local organizations (such as: NCMA, NDIA, AFCEA, SENEDIA, the NUWC Newport Zone 1 SeaPort-e Council, etc.,) so that we do not “compete” with or overlap the important roles that they fill in our community. We will partner with these organizations to co-promote activities and events to the benefit of our community.


Membership to the Small Business Roundtable shall consist of all small and large businesses doing business, or interested in doing business, in the Newport, RI area, with naval activities including but not limited to: the Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport (NUWCDIVNPT), the Naval War College (NWC), and Naval Station Newport.

The ultimate success of the Small Business Roundtable (SBRT) is dependent on the participation of each member company.

NCMA Small Business Roundtable (SBRT)

Operating Overview

The focus of the Small Business Roundtable (SBRT) will be for Government and industry to collaborate to enhance Small Business participation in NUWCDIVNPT contracts and provide a forum to address Small Business issues and concerns. The SBRT will strive to achieve a consensus of the members whenever possible but recognizes that there are many times when the various members’ interests preclude a consensus. In these and other cases where a consensus is not possible, the issue will be identified and the SBRT will make whatever progress possible to resolve any member concerns or conflicts of interest.

Improving the manner by which the Small Business Roundtable conducts business shall be an ongoing process. The Operating Guide will include roles, responsibilities, and conduct of Small Business Roundtable members.