Focus Groups

Small Business Roundtable (SBRT)

Focus Group Overview/Status


The SBRT sent out in excess of 100 surveys (each with 10 questions). The SBRT reviewed each survey response, and sorted them into “Focus Groups”. The Focus Groups will review each response, assign a priority, send to a more appropriate organization for resolution (i.e. SENEDIA, NCMA, the NUWC Newport SeaPort-e Zone 1 Business Council, etc) if applicable, and develop strategies for addressing them. The SBRT over-arching goal is to not only identify issues, but come up with specific strategies for dealing with them, and to communicate these strategies, and the results, to the community

Focus Group Overview

• Focus Group #1: Forecasting, Base Access, Teaming and Small Business Standards/Effectiveness

  • Focus Group Committee (Steve Stewart, Bill Reed, Roy Cripps, Linda Jean, Chuck French, Michael Cardente, Ryan Smith)

• Focus Group #2: Networking/Mentoring Events and Training/Education Events

  • Focus Group Committee (Kim Matthews/NCMA, Linda Jean, Dave Rego, Stacey Carter, Liz Cadillo, Regina Mare)

• Focus Group #3: NCMA/SBRT Website Update Maintenance

  • Focus Group Committee (Kathleen O’Donnell, Edward Mutanguha, Chuck French, Stacey Carter)