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NCMA December Luncheon Presentation Material

DCMA presentation

Luncheon – December 4th

Robby Ragos, Industrial Supply Property Management Specialist, from DCMA Hartford will speak at a luncheon on December 4th at noon in the Newport, RI area.

Is Government Property a New Hot Button Issue?

    * What you should know about GP
    * How does it impact Contract and Subcontract Administrators
    * What happens if you fail a GP Audit?

Venue Location: Atlantic Beach Club, Middletown, RI

Price Per Person: $25.00


SeaPort-e Meeting Scheduled for December 11, 2013

As I hope you all know, we are hoping to have a SeaPort-e meeting 11 Dec 0900-1100 at NUWC’s Building 80 in Newport, RI.

In order to facilitate these meetings it is important for the contracting community to have pertinent questions for the SeaPort-e representatives. As such, our committee chair will be collecting questions for consideration.

Please submit questions to NLT COB November 20, 2013.

Also note that without interest and relevant questions this meeting may be cancelled so please send your good questions now.

NCMA-RI Small Business Round Table

The next Rhode Island Chapter of the National Contract Management Association’s (NCMA) Small Business Roundtable (SBRT) event will be held on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

Location: NUWCDIVNPT Bldg 80, 1176 Howell Street, Newport, RI
Date: Wednesday, June 12
Time: 0900 to 1100, registration starts at 0830
Speaker: Dr. Theresa Baus of the NUWC Newport Technology Partnership Enterprise Office

Cost: A fee of $5 will be charged at the door to pay for light refreshments

This is the last SBRT Breakfast Series event until autumn 2013.

******Personnel without a current CAC Card or NAVSEA badge will need to provide ID in the form of a state-issued driver’s license.******

******Parking is at a premium. Please try to carpool if possible.******

RSVP by COB, Monday, June 10th to Tracy Hamilton at

April ‘Chapter Leader’ Webinar (from National)

Time   Change for April Chapter Leader Webinar—Join us at 2:30 (Eastern) on   Wednesday April 17

The next monthly chapter leader webinar is scheduled for Wednesday,   April 17, at 2:30 p.m. (Eastern). We recommend that you log in to   WebEx first and then dial in. To start or join the online meeting  click   here (access code: 645 006 215; password: “chapter”). Additional detailed   log in information can be found here.

Learn   About “Webinars on Demand”—Friday, April 19, 2 p.m. (Eastern)

In our next “Fast   Friday” webinar, spend 15 minutes learning about NCMA’s “Webinars On   Demand” and how you can use them as a chapter programming and education tool.   On Friday, April 19, at 2 p.m. (Eastern), NCMA Chapter Relations Specialist   Mike Wright will be your host and our special guest will be NCMA Education   Program Manager Katie Minan. They will discuss how your chapter can utilize   this component of your chapter programming portfolio. Follow this   link to join the meeting (access code: 645 137 175; password:   “ncma”).

Have   You Taken the 2013 NCMA Salary Survey?

Each year, NCMA conducts a “Contract Management Salary Survey” to report   on compensation, education, benefits, and work settings for members of our   profession. Make sure to encourage your chapter members to participate to   ensure that the data in this report provides a high-quality, accurate   representation of the profession. Your responses are confidential. Personal   and company names will not be revealed. This   survey will be open until April 12, 2013.
Are   YOU Attending World Congress 2013?

NCMA’s World Congress is hailed as a must-attend event because it is the most comprehensive training event available for contract management, procurement, and acquisition professionals. With over 20 educational tracks, content is offered for professionals at each and every stage of their careers—and with over 1,500 attendees, there are vast networking opportunities! World Congress was recently selected as one of the “Top   25 Government Conferences of 2013” by GovLoop’s founder and president,   Steve Ressler. Participants will earn 20 Continuing Professional Education   (CPE) hours by attending this four-day event.

 Join   Other Chapter Leaders this Summer!

NCMA’s new and improved chapter leader training series launches this   summer! With this new format, chapter leader training will now occur three   times annually, providing increased development opportunities to NCMA’s   chapter leaders. This event is designed to introduce NCMA’s chapter   volunteers (experienced, new, and potential) to running their chapters as part   of a large, national organization. All chapter leaders are encouraged to   attend this training event, conveniently paired with World Congress 2013.   Participants will earn 8.5 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours by   attending this two-day event!